Two Weeks to Go

Two weeks today Scaramouche and her crew from Haringey will be setting off at the start of the Rolex Fastnet. Sailing is packed into the young sailors schedule in those two weeks. The 3 most senior boys are entering day 2 of the Gertrude Cup. Yesterday went well- after 4 months away from sailing Etchells yachts while they focus on offshore racing, the first day was about re-familiarisation! They were in the mix in both of the first races of the 14 race series. After a thorough debrief it will be an early start in Cowes for them as they try to work their way through the fleet. Being another 24 hours beyond their 20kg ‘weight dip day’ should be a bonus as well. If the weather forecast is correct, the conditions will suit us more as the regatta goes on!


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