Busy, busy, busy!

Humble apologies gentle reader, it has been a while!   A lot has happened but always against the backdrop of a very busy secondary school.  If you cast your mind back to your own happy schooldays you might recall that secondary schools go into a dark tunnel which leads to the external GCSE/BTEC/A-Level examinations.  It has been no different this year, but we are now out of the tunnel!

Looking back over the past few months it is astonishing just how much has happened.  There has been a full programme of winter/spring sailing with both girls and boys teams taking to the water in all conditions aboard Scaramouche.  We have also returned to practising our skills and “keeping our hands in” by dinghy sailing on a local reservoir.  Last month Scaramouche came out of the water and was fully overhauled.  New deck, winches, rigging, sails have been donated or supplied a cost and fitted.  We are so grateful to the many different sponsors and supporters from the marine industry – it would simply have not been possible to keep the project going without their expertise and assistance.  Scaramouche is back in the water and as I write this crew boat are recovering from completing the world famous Round the Island race.  Which will have its own report!

We have also been able to add to the “fleet” and again eBay has come to our rescue!  This time with a 22 foot “Intro”  very inappropriately named “Riot”!  This is a high-performance boat of its time and hopefully allow us to put in an intermediate step between the dinghies and managing Scaramouche.


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