Scaramouche at Cowes Week

As Cowes Week comes to a close, we can now begin to reflect on what we are achieving at one of the world’s oldest and biggest sailing regattas.

For Scaramouche it was an overdue return to where she belongs and nothing out of the ordinary.  Old friends have come to see her, some remember her sailing around their home ports in the Caribbean while others sharing fantastic stories of racing against her in Admiral’s Cups.

Calm at Cowes

For our crew of Year 10s, it is a first and is providing so many fantastic opportunities.  An opportunity to enhance their sailing, with a range of conditions and the expert instruction of a yachtsmaster. An opportunity to speak to the oldest and wisest in the sailing community.  An opportunity to meet their peers in the sailing community. For a week, they have been immersing themselves with sailing’s elite and demonstrated that they deserve to be there.

Testing conditions

2 thoughts on “Scaramouche at Cowes Week

  1. I was fortunate enough to be approached by two of the boys, while we were sitting in the cockpit of our boat at the end of a days racing at Cowes. They wanted to give us a leaflet about their project, and when they explained what it was I invited the aboard to tell us more.

    I was immediately overwhelmed by their self confidence in what must have been a totally different environment to their own, to promote themselves, the GCA and the project. The next day I saw them on the pontoon with their teacher and took the time to tell him how impressed I was. Unfortunately I didn’t make the time to visit Scaramouche herself, which I regret.

    I would very much like to speak to somebody about the project a lot more, with a view to offering help and support.

    Nick Hopwood


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