Scaramouche – Brighton to Cowes…

The first leg of the voyage from Sandwich to Poole taught the crew so much about Scaramouche and about themselves.  The second leg was a much calmer affair with a favourable south-easterly blowing them along the south coast.

IMG_6785With calmer conditions the crew took a chance to  practice navigation and compass work  on a deck which was  relatively level most of the time.   When yesterday had been about the steepest of learning curves  in some difficult conditions  today the challenges were  busy shipping lanes and  plotting the right course  to use the wind  to most effect .

Of course Scaramouche has a racing pedigree  and  she still clipped along at 7 knots.    The approach to Cowes and the Solent  meant  a careful look out for  other vessels at all times  particularly in the  run into  harbour.

Another long and successful day  and the crew are starting to feel  like a real team  as they become more familiar  with life aboard.

Tomorrow the final run into Poole,  and familiar waters for all of the crew. Poole is where they first  learnt to sail  and who would ever have thought  that those early, very wet lessons would lead to this amazing experience.


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