Scaramouche – On the water!


What a day!  Scaramouche on the water!

After the usual intense and intensely busy end of term the pace has been maintained!  So many different jobs to do to prepare Scaramouche for the water.  Anti-fouling, painting, repairing the deck.  Full-service of everything, engine, rigging, electrics, pumps, winches… everything!  Everything sorted and checked right down to re-covering the mattresses and designing the T-shirts!

And then more checks  and more paperwork, the mysteries of  maritime insurance and the complexities of  “Coding”  all need to be dealt with.

All finished, just! So today, the day arrives…  High excitement, good weather,  nervous staff and a very big crane!

The pictures tell the story.    What a day what an achievement , well done to everybody involved!  Next Scaramouche moves round  the coast  headed for  Cowes Week…

IMG_5507 IMG_4485 IMG_6866

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