Some shots from the weekend – 46 RYA Level 1 Qualification and Nimrod in action!

What an absolutely fantastic weekend in Poole Harbour.  46 Year 12 students made the journey down and took to the water to complete their RYA Level 1 sailing qualifications.  Starting with dinghies allows them to develop an understanding of the need to feel the boat as they are sailing.  Day 1 involved a lot of slightly chilly swimming, but by day 2 all our students had mastered their vessels and sailed across the harbour for a spot of lunch on the other side.

In addition, our Elite Year 10 team sailed Nimrod unaccompanied for the first time.  It was a great sight to see such young sailors utterly comfortable in control of their boat.  With such speed in the learning, Fastnet 2017 in now becoming a reality!IMG_8184 IMG_8187 IMG_8208 IMG_8213 IMG_8223 IMG_8375 IMG_8440 IMG_8500 IMG_8547 IMG_8565



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