Year 10s Gain 1st Qualification

Year 10 have been at Poole Harbour getting their first experience of life on water.  Clocking their first nautical mile, the group impressed with how quickly they took to their practical and theoretical lessons.  With all students successfully completing their Level 1, its their first step on the ladder to potentially career enabling qualifications.

By the end of the year we aim to have 300 students to receive Level 1.  A further 100 students will complete their Level 2, while an ‘Elite 20′ students have begun Level 3 and will move toward advanced sailing and racing.  This will be the beginnings of our team for Fastnet 2017.

Whilst GCA Sailing believes the sport is more than qualifications for our students, the talent our students are showing demonstrates that they can start to consider it as a future career path.  Certainly our students want to know how to make it happen!  Who knows what the open ocean will hold in the future for some of today’s novices.

Year 10 students on the water for the first time
Year 10 students on the water for the first time

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