Cowes Week A Resounding Success!

Cowes Week has just finished for our project and was brilliant. Our main helmsman and Captain Montel was invited to Helm Pioneer Underw

riters X55 Lutine! After getting the feel of the yacht they went onto take line honours in 4 races and win one outright, on handicap and taking the canon at the squadron!

The brilliant staff commented on Montel’s ability to sail purely by ‘feel’- amazing given that he has jumped from Scaramouche to Etchells to an X55 in one week! This young sailor is taking every possible sailing opportunity and many people are commenting on his balance of desire and ability!

Our girls team arrived for 2 days on Monday. They had a great time needing no help from the boys to get around their course- a major step forward in our project. Their morale was great throughout and we are now looking to develop their capabilities.

For the other days the boys who contributed to Scaramouche but are not doing the Fastnet raced around the Solent. Their contribution has been fantastic!

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