The Gertrude Cup – a success for Greig City Academy

The Etchells Gertrude Cup drew to a close today and I am very pleased with our lads who just clung onto 4th place overall. The big weight dip, changing conditions and high quality competition made it a spectacular sporting occasion. With guidance from Matt Reid, David Franks and David Bedford they had a fantastic regatta.

The Etchells class is exactly what sailing should be like. Those who organise it are thoroughly professional and have exacting non-negotiable standards of good performance and sailing but combine it brilliantly with inclusivity. Within this class you interact daily with world champions, youth champions at national and international level. Everyone competes very hard but are then so generous with their advice.

The fact that their elite youth academy team take the time and involve our lads so much in the sailing and the socials is what all sailing classes should strive for.

Can’t wait until the next time!

Now we have 2 days rest before Cowes Week and then of course – the Fastnet!


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