First across the line – Scaramouche!

In her first competitive race for years Scaramouche crosses the line first.  Given the complexities of yacht handicapping there are still calculations going on as this is written about the outcome of the race but you can imagine the excitement for the young crew against older and more experienced sailors!

Hopefully, when the excitement  settles down, we should get some quotes  and stories from of this latest adventure  until then here are some more photos  of some of the other small ships  racing this afternoon –  and that rare thing  Scaramouche  photographed from another boat!

Congratulations Skipper and Crew!

12068646_1038210252867692_7560163982264326412_o 12045755_1038211382867579_6279463626260317011_o 12113314_1038211996200851_7958810342931842966_o 12080365_1038212016200849_378411507805145262_o 12087883_1038204269534957_1456963225414680426_o

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