How it started

Welcome to the new blog of GCA Sailing!  As we have grown and expanded it seems only fair that our students achievements are properly logged.  This will also be the place for detailed updates on our progress towards our ambitious plan to enter Fastnet 2017.  Follow us through all our ups and downs in getting there.

From humble beginnings.
From humble beginnings…

GCA Sailing was born from humble beginnings.  When our head of sixth form Jon Holt saw this MacGregor sailboat on ebay, he decided it was time that sailing opened up boundaries to students from any background.  With limited resources GCA Sailing was created with a mission to get Nimrod ready for the water.

Students and teachers spent the summer of 2014 sanding, painting and getting her sea-worthy. With some hard work and learning on the job, GCA Sailing had its first vessel.

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GCA Sailing is born!

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